Snozzle For 4" Cove Base
Snozzle For 4" Cove Base

Snozzle For 4" Cove Base

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The ROBERTS Adhesive Applicator Nozzle, also known as snozzle, spreads 11 rows of adhesive at a time. This creates a flat, well-bonded installation for professional results and minimal to no repairs. The nozzle fits most standard 11 oz. and 30 oz. cartridge application guns. The nozzle can be reused if cleaned after each use.

  • Simultaneously spreads 11 even rows of adhesive for faster distribution
  • Compatible with 11 oz. and 30 oz. adhesive cartridges and fits most standard applicator guns
  • Distributes adhesive in tight spaces where a standard trowel can't be used
  • To reuse on the same day, keep the adhesive from drying inside the nozzle by creating an airtight seal with tape or by covering the ends with a damp cloth
  • Designed as a single use accessory that may be thrown away when finished or cleaned with mineral spirits after each use

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