Shaw Total Care Mop Pads 18 inch 2 Pack Including 1 Cleaning Pad and 1 Dust Pad

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Shaw 18-inch replacement Mop Pads in a 2-pack include one blue microfiber floor cleaning pad and one green microfiber floor dusting pad. Total Care Mop Pads are the same Vibrant Mop Pads, delivering the same quality & durability. The floor mop pads, blue or green, should be removed from the Shaw Mop base before storing the mop. Wash each mop pad after use. Both Shaw flat mop pads are machine washable, don't add fabric softener and allow the mopping pads to air dry before putting them away for the next use.

The Shaw replacement mop pad set fits Shaw Total Care Mop and the original Shaw Vibrant Mop.

Use the blue floor cleaning flat mop pad for spray and wipe floor cleaning. The green floor dust mop pad is intended for dry dusting use on the floor. Each mop pad is 18 inches wide.