Schluter Kerdi Board 1/2" x 48" x 96" Waterproof Building Panel

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Product Details:

Kerdi-Board is a multifunctional tile substrate and building panel that can be used for creating bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile coverings. Kerdi-Board is made from an extruded polystyrene foam panel, with a special reinforcement material on both sides and fleece webbing for effective anchoring in thinset mortar. It can be used in the creation of a broad range of building elements, such as showers and bathtub surrounds.

  • Panel dimensions are 1/2 in. x 48 in. x 96 in.
  • Made of extruded polystyrene foam
  • Dust-free and easy to cut with a utility knife
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport
  • Gridlines printed on the surface help for neat cuts
  • Tile can be installed directly over Kerdi-Board using the thinset method
  • For use with ceramic and natural stone tile