QEP Professional 28″ Big Clinker Tile Cutter

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The QEP 10800 Professional Tile Cutter is a pro installer-grade cutter for most ceramic and porcelain tile up to 28 in. long. Integrated adjustments allow this cutter to score and snap tile of varying thicknesses up to 5/8 in. The high-leverage handle makes repeat cutting easier and reduces fatigue. Engineered by Ishii, this cutter is designed for stability, smooth scoring, and long lasting performance when scoring hard porcelain tiles.

  • Cuts porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tile up to 28 in. long, up to 20 in. diagonally and up to 5/8 in. (16 mm) thick
  • Wide, diecast aluminum base with foam pads and side extensions provides stability for cutting heavy or large format tiles
  • Dual, chrome-plated steel rails provide strength for handling large tile and stability for making straighter cuts
  • Magnifying window for a clear view of the cut line
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth scoring when even pressure is applied
  • Large, high-leverage, ergonomic handle makes cutting easier and reduces fatigue
  • 4 scoring wheel height adjustments allow tile of varying thicknesses, up to 5/8 in., to be cut
  • Rip guide and adjustable measurement guide for fast, accurate rip cuts
  • 0 to 60 degree angle guide is marked at 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 degrees for diagonal cuts
  • Includes one 7/8 in. titanium-coated tungsten carbide scoring wheel with ball bearings for a tough, reliable scoring edge
  • Compatible with QEP 21123Q Replacement Scoring Wheel, the original equipment part