ProKnee AP16 All Purpose Kneepads With 1" Foam Inserts

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• SLOTTED LOWER FRAME AND LIVE HINGE create a “glove-like” feeling

• SMARTLOCK® QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES keep strap tightness where you want it

• RADIUS ON FRAME PERIMETER RIBBING provides maximum flexibility in extreme kneeling conditions

• ADJUSTABLE STRAPS are pre-angled to allow two different strap placement options

All AP16 Kneepads offer the following:

1) Frame style has kneecup shape and flat bottom.

2) One-piece, Urethane Foam Inserts in a 5/8” thickness.

3) One-piece, Urethane Foam Inserts in a 1” thickness.

4) 3-ply white polynitrile 3/16” thick Rubber Boot covers Frame where contact with flooring is made.

5) Molded in frame components include Strap and Buckle Mounts.

6) No Wrinkle Liners are a moisture wicking 3/16” thick.

7) 1” SmartLock Quick Release Buckles are made of plastic resin.

8) One-piece, elastic strap in 1” wide poly woven yarn.

9) Main frame components are molded from flexible, tear resistant plastic resin with a 10.5° maximum angle flexible joint.