Personna Carpet blades

Personna Carpet blades

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  • Heavy Duty Round Corner Blade - Improved Edge & Upgraded Steel - 100 Pack
  • Personna Part No. 61-0017 - With Armor Edge Technology
  • Replacement Razor Blades For Carpet Knives
  • Replacement Razor Blades For Carpet Knives
  • Made From Carbon Strengthened Steel - Thickness 0.017," - Length 2.25" - Height 0.75

Personna round corner carpet blades are made from the highest quality & hardest carbon steel materials. These personna heavy duty carpet blades, are engineered with precision-ground two-facet blades, which balance sharpness and durability. The two-facet qualitiy is especially important when cutting through tough fibers and materials. The personna heavy duty, double sided carpet blades are the most durable carpet blades on the market.

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