Kaleen Chancellor 2'x 3' Area Rug Denim 10

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The Chancellor Collection pulls inspiration for its highly detailed patterns from the aristocratic fashion of the French baroque period. The beautiful intricate patterns mixed with vibrant colors instantly commands attention and instills a feeling of class in any room. These gorgeous hand-tufted rugs are produced using space-dyed 100% imported wool which is then spun into a premium yarn. Each of these single pile rugs is then serged by hand and backed with Kaleen’s signature cotton canvas. Kaleen’s hand-tufted rugs are made using 100% imported wool. Due to their thick piles and the way they are constructed, hand-tufted rugs are great to use in heavy traffic areas and will provide beauty for many years to come.

Hand Made Hand Tufted 

100% Wool 

Features Kaleen's Cotton canvas backing for added stablility Pile Height