Kaleen Helena 2'x 3' Area Rug Lt Brown 82

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Inspired by the fashion of 16th Century nobility – simple shapes and patterns mixed with vibrant colors are found within the rugs that make up our Helena Collection. These gorgeous hand-tufted rugs are produced using hand-dyed 100% imported wool which is then spun into a premium textured yarn. Each of these single pile rugs is then serged by hand and backed with Kaleen’s signature cotton canvas. Kaleen’s hand-tufted rugs are made using 100% imported wool. Due to their thick piles and the way they are constructed, hand-tufted rugs are great to use in heavy traffic areas and will provide beauty for many years to come.

Hand Made Hand Tufted 

100% Wool 

Features Kaleen's Cotton canvas backing for added stablility Pile Height