IQ Power Tools 228 Cyclone Dry Cut 7″ Tabletop Tile Saw

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Big Cuts on A Little Saw

  • 1.25" depth of cut

  • 18" rip with rolling table

  • 24"+ rip without rolling table

How does it cut dry without heat problems?

Tile pros know: heat is a factor. So how can you cut tile dry without water cooling the blade? The answer is Q-Drive blade with Cool Cut Technology. Q-Drive™ Blade Our proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement.
  • Engineered to cut dry
  • Blade stays cool to the touch
  • No warping or wandering
  • Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade
Built-In Vacuum The built-in vacuum on the iQ228CYCLONE™ air-cools the blade while removing debris, so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.