Ardex PC 60 HG High Gloss Performance Sealer For Stain & Wear Protection 1 Gallon

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Suitable Applications

  • For use in bathrooms, exterior spaces (properly sloped to drain), light industrial and commercial projects.
  • Suitable to receive rubber-wheeled forklift traffic
  • Please contact ARDEX Technical for specific recommendations

Key Features

  • Available in high gloss and reduced gloss finishes
  • For use on ARDEX PC-T™, ARDEX K 520™, ARDEX K 521™, ARDEX K 523™, ARDEX SD-T®, ARDEX SD-M™ and ARDEX K 301™
  • Polyurethane-based sealer; gives ARDEX toppings higher gloss and increased abrasion and stain resistance while lowering maintenance costs
  • Can be burnished when completely dry

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