Crain Cutter Co. Electronic Iron No. 945

Crain Cutter Co. Electronic Iron No. 945

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This iron’s precision electronic thermostat maintains set temperatures +/- 15°F ranging from 240 to 420°F for consistent heat and uniform melting. Problems with initial overshoot and large temperature swings during operation are reduced. Large, easy to read dial knob displays temperature settings in Fahrenheit. Dual indicator lights show power-on and heating status. Ultra-low profile base makes it easier to get the seam together. The back of the base is grooved to comb adhesive to the wall as the iron is removed by angling it out. This prevents “dragging-off” of adhesive which can cause seam failure. The durable, rotating HSJO cord with flexible strain relief extending it out of the seam area. Runs at 800 watts. Net weight: 3 1/3 lbs.

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