Bona Double Sided Sanding Disc 16"

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  • Rigid and durable design that won't tear, wrinkle, or waffle
  • No “dish-out” of soft grain like a screen
  • Sands exceptionally flat - ideal for parquet, inlays, borders, and multi-species floors, as well as traditional strip and plank
  • Ideal for scarifying concrete and abrading slab leveling materials to achieve a flat and
  • smooth surface


A durable and long lasting 16" disc that is coated on both sides for maximum efficiency.

Bona 16" Double-Sided Sanding Discs are a great option for achieving exceptionally flat wood floors with a buffer. They provide more aggressive and cleaner cutting than traditional screens or single-sided discs. The unique design eliminates the need for an extra hard plate. Simply drive with a 16" Conditioning Pad on any 16" buffer for incredibly flat, clean floors.