ProKnee 0714 Standard Kneepad With Regular Straps Size 21.5 C

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  • “Swiss Army knife of buckles”

  • Automatically locks in your perfect strap length with just a pull to give you a comfortable fit you can work in all day long

  • Ergonomic, larger format buckle is easy on the fingers

  • Works on all kneepad models past and present

  • Patented & proudly made in the USA


  • Offer a snug, stay-in-place fit
  • Made out of a breathable wick tech, no wrinkle material for ultimate comfort


  • Straps located well below knee joint help eliminate uncomfortable pinching and circulation issues.


  • Pro Knee’s patented shin support system takes weight off the joints and spreads it out over the length of the shins, which enables even weight distribution.


  • Even weight distribution creates a center of balance at the midpoint of the shins (rather than directly on the knees) which reduces pressure and forces the user to use proper kneeling techniques.
Right now as I’m kneeling down my body weight is not actually on my knees
  • A knee pocket shape surrounds the knee joint area to hold the joint tight and create stability as you kneel - on literally ANYTHING.

Shock Absorption

  • Safe, resilient and replaceable cellular urethane cushions help absorb shock out of day to day wear and tear from kneeling.

Shown bottom used & abused: 3 year old Model 0714
Shown Above like new: Same pair with 0714 Complete Rebuild Kit

All parts Replaceable

Molded in frame components make replacing parts easy, fast and economical. We offer a Variety of individual parts and parts kits options to suit your every need so you can Upgrade what you want; when you want.


  1. Remove Shoe

  2. measure from floor (a) to top of kneecap (b), while standing.

  3. Measure around widest part of your calf muscle (c) with work pants on.

*The model width -Standard or wide- is determined
by your “C” measurement.
17.5 or larger default to Model 0714E Wide