Henry 695 High RH Vinyl Adhesive 1 Gallon

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A solvent-free acrylic polymer-based adhesive. Its excellent resistance against damage from vinyl plasticizer migration make it ideal for LVT and other types of vinyl-backed flooring. Sheet flooring installers may choose to lay in and re-position the floor covering while the adhesive remains in its initial wet state, while the installers of vinyl tiles and planks often prefer to lay in for up to 4 hours while the adhesive is in a dry-to-the-touch (pressure-sensitive) state. Its overall versatility and outstanding bond strength make HENRY® 695 a leading choice for both commercial and residential environments.

Available in 1-gallon and 4-gallon containers.

Key Features

  • Designed for installing LVT as well as vinyl sheet goods, see “Use for” section for complete listing of recommended flooring types.
  • 99% RH moisture resistant*
  • May be used in a dry-to-the-touch (pressure-sensitive) state, or as a wet-set.
  • Excellent resistance against plasticizer migration
  • 4 hours of Working Time available if needed